Things To Avoid in SEO - Top 10

Today I was asked what should be avoided to obtain a good or great search ranking. I pointed out my "how to destroy SEO" article from a few months ago. Then i read over the post and decided to simplify it ...quite a bit, and explore some ground I didn't cover in this post. So without to much more chatter:

Avoid Hidden Text & Links

Avoid Cloaking & Hidden (JS) redirects

Avoid loading the page with keywords (don't keyword stuff!)

Avoid Creating multiple copies of the same content on seperate pages or domains

Avoid using Doorway Pages

Avoid wasting time submitting to major search engines they will find you if your worth it, do submit to smaller engines

Avoid using the same Meta Tags on each page

Avoid writing copy for search engines Writing naturally is better for everyone

Avoid obsessing over Google PageRank Even Google admit its only part of a search rank

Avoid checking your ranking daily it does your health no good and won't change that much