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73 Days until Christmas

Andy Kinsey2 Comments

Ok so before I begin this post today I want to pay tribute to an amazing web developer whom recently passed away, he will be massively missed by everyone who knew him and the web community as a whole... @leunix Today I was looking around the web, nothing really exciting here if we are honest. However I stumbled across a site that I really with I had seen before because I scared the heck out of me... there are 73 Days until Christmas!!!! ... its scary because I've not bought presents... the only good thing is I have already started my Christmas SEO strategy sometime ago.

So I have began my next big long term SEO strategy with all of my clients (not so much my own sites if I am honest), and already with quite a few sites we are seeing the results we really wanted too... not least a good number of e-commerce sites turning up for number one for "gifting" keyphrases.

This year as part of my aim to help everyone out a little I will be posting a little tip or hint each day on twitter (which I will explain here every week).

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The tweets have begun with the 12 days of christmas series at the time of writing this, by the time you read it there may be a few more tips online, generally I will post one or two a day ... the final tweet it excitingly going to be Christmas day itself!

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