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Kicking Off 2010 with a PR Update

Andy Kinsey2 Comments

Now a lot of you will know that I don't rely on PageRank for anything, but I know a lot of people do (your all mad i tell you). So I check from time to time on the latest PR scores for monthly reporting to clients, and yesterday evenings update by Google to PageRank has come up with a few surprises... including I seem to know what I am doing :P Below are some results - not all but I will publish more as I do monthly reports. - was 5 - now 4 - was 0 - now 4 (launched oct 09) - was 0 - now 3 (launched nov 09) - was 0 - now 2 (launched dec 09) - was 0 - now 1

Ok so looking at the first 2 results you would be forgiven for thinking this is a bad thing, but a loss of page rank here is due to the site activity over the past few months. I moved all the articles to this site and therefore most if not all of the original content has been removed. Google also won't be too happy that a number of links to are no longer available through nor redirected to seoandy ... something I don't feel I need to fix as google has been made aware via google webmaster tools that the site has moved.

SEOAndy as i have stated now has all of the content of the former website. So with google aware of the move it was a matter of time before rankings picked up, however has smashed all stats records set by previously!

The biggest shock of the group above is Spirit Beauty Salon - within a month an half the site has gone from nothing to a page rank 2 ! This i feel is nothing more than amazing, the site is still in a stage of growth and change - I still feel it's a beta website with so much potential which will make for a huge growth and ROI over the next few months.

So with my amazement made clear I would like to offer you a chance to check your pagerank using the box below, simply enter your domain and hit enter. Leave a comment and let us know what your page rank is!

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