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Stay in St Andrews - Newly Launched

Andy KinseyComment

We are excited to announce the launch of StayStAndrews a website for the visitors to St Andrews whom are looking for local accommodation within walking distance of the famous old golf course (which is located just 3 minutes walk from this stunning town house).

This single page website is built using scripting languages such as PHP and MooTools*, it also utilises the MultiMap API**. The site comprises of several sections including; a description of the spacious town house including its many features, an image gallery, contact form and interactive map. The site has a single page layout with no refreshes and a quick load time it is a seamless experience from the moment you start your visit.

So if your interested in hotels or bed and breakfast accommodation in St Andrews (Fife) then why not consider taking a look at this luxury town house at the heart of the town. Whether you want to rent one room for one night or four rooms for 6 months then why not enquire today about this spacious property.

* MooTools - JavaScript FrameWork ** MultiMap Open API - interactive maps powered by Bing Find out more about this website from Andy Kinsey Web Design