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October Search Engine Ranking Status

Andy KinseyComment

In Octobers, comScore rankings, Google and Bing have grown by 0.3 and 0.1 percent respectively. Yahoo! lost 0.3 % and ASK lost about 0.1%. But what does this mean for you and me?

Well these results show the dominant force within search is clearly still Google. They hold around 65.3% of the market today with Microsoft (and Yahoo combined) having about half that much as a market share. So it looks like those Google Centric bods can stay so for a little while longer.

However what the results also show is that Microsoft and Yahoo are not loosing ground to Google. This combined with the small growth from Bing means that there is still some chance Google will loose ground.

In October comScore explain that there were 18 billion searches, and Google was used for about 11.8 Billion of these, a rise of 6% on September. Yahoo! also saw an increase by about 4% too 2.7 Billion, with microsoft also on this figure but having growth of 6%.

With these figures in mind, if you are not already focusing on Bing so much you may want to start giving it some attention. Stats for SEOAndy show a doubling in 4 months of the amount of traffic coming from Bing. Check you stats and let us know what you find.