Digital Storytelling – Making Your Brand & Products Come To Life

Storytelling is something I touched on last week as a way to sell your products online, I was inspired to write about it after reading a few blogs which discussed how actually we are all quite bored of corporate buzzwords and the sameold manufacturer product descriptions.

A few days later I was listening to the Content Matters podcast, the latest episode is with a great content expert Kevan Gilbert (@kevangilbert) of Domain 7, a Vancouver based digital agency.

In the podcast (ep 25) Kevan and Iain Griffin (host) talk about how digital storytelling, in almost any type of website, can really help your business to grow and make a difference over time. A few of the themes talked about are “the cure of corporate blah” – aka the end of needing to play bullsh*t bingo – and the need for passion & belief in what is being written on your site and in general for your brand.

The idea passed my mind that storytelling should be truly a part of any digital strategy and content strategy if you want to succeed online. So I did some digging about and found a few more articles about how the case for digital storytelling – take a read and let me know what you think of digital storytelling in the comments.

The Case for Digital Storytelling

Brands which are taking digital storytelling to the next level.

Digital Storytelling Can Bring Blogs To Life (again)

Digital Storytelling for Social Media

Tell Me A Story (Book)

The Story Scrum

Of Course The CONTENT MATTERS PODCAST!!! – subscribe on iTunesĀ 

Do you know any other great resources? let us know!

– Whats with the featured image in this post?

So this image is from StrategyLab and I think represents very well what we are talking about in this post. Each of the quotes is from a leader in business or tech or otherwise, but their quotes are not just random they are based on experience. They are based on stories, each of these quotes has a story behind it and if you search for the quote you will find the story usually. So take a dig around and find some stories which inspire you, and share them with us in our comments and on our facebook page.

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