Effective Blogger Engagement

If you’ve tried to ignore bloggers in the past, favouring traditional journalists with your PR budget, it’s time to re-think your strategy. Bloggers are influential. They will review, discuss and debate your company and its products to their audience, whether you like it or not! With so many being niche in their areas – be it fashion, technology or another vertical, this audience are your potential customers and what better way to connect with them on a personal level?
Your marketing team have spent months of long days, along with thousands of pounds worth of budget to create your company brand. It’s slick, professional and conveys exactly what you’re about. You wouldn’t just hand over the responsibility of this brand to just anyone, right? Which is why when it comes to blogger engagement, you need to choose the right partner agency, to build and maintain your positive brand reputation online.

Source a reputable specialist blogger engagement service such as Best British Bloggers and try to steer clear of using a PR or Marketing agency that don’t have a lot of experience dealing with bloggers. You need a team with SEO, PR and Social Media expertise, along with proven long-standing relationships with the best bloggers. Your blogger outreach team should be able to connect easily with your audience and represent your brand to its full potential.

Decide from the outset what you want to achieve from blogger engagement. This activity gives benefits for SEO, PR and Social Media, so if you are happy with all three of those benefits, great! If it’s just one you’re after for your own targets, make sure you plan your campaigns to reflect this. Identify focus on a particular product – do you need support launching into a new market or
competitive sector? Do you have a service that will benefit a particular business and need to get in front of the decision makers? Are you launching a website or opening a store? Blogger engagement is the ideal solution to creating publicity for any of these reasons and more.

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The best thing about the results of blogger outreach is that compared to getting a placement in a newspaper or magazine, it is easy to track exactly how many people are exposed to your brand, what their feedback is and if they make a purchase as a result of this exposure. It’s targeted to a precise audience who are more likely to buy or make an enquiry, due to the nature of how you select which bloggers to work with.

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