How People Are Using Social Media

2 out of 3 persons are worried about missing something very important if they do not watch their social networks. This can be news, important event or updating of status. This goes up to almost 3 out of 4 if the person happens to be single.
Around 3 out of 5 keenly desire that there should be some method to help them use, monitor and safeguard their networking profiles and emails simultaneously.

More than 1/4 sends messages within their social network more than from their primary email account.

Persons within the age group of 18 to 34 log on to their social networking profiles after they wake up, but before they check their email.

People are highly attached to their social networking profiles. Around 40% are prepared to undergo any hardship in order not to give up their social networking profiles.

Details regarding which social networks are used by people for what purpose are given below.

For observing without actively posting anything

Linkedin – 68%, YouTube – 57%, Twitter – 53%, Google+ – 49%, Pinterest – 41%,

Facebook – 37%, Foursquare – 34%, Tumblr – 28%.

For sharing (i.e. posting photos, status updates)

Foursquare – 44%, Tumblr – 31%, Twitter – 18%, Facebook – 17%, Google+ – 15%,

YouTube – 13%, Pinterest – 11%, Linkedin – 10%.

How People Are Using Social Media

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