Facebook for Business – Top 10 Tips

The world of facebook for business is one of a questionable nature for many. So with this in mind here are my top ten tips for making facebook work for your business ventures.

Facebook should be seen in the same manner as offline sales.
Soft sales techniques should be used.

Don’t blatently sell! Facebook is about brand awareness.

Ask for people to share your links.

Post your blogs in your notes.
Syndicatation of your blog can be done automatically.

Ask for opinions and comments on topics which relate to your market.

Update your status on a regular basis (use twitter where possible).

Have a public profile (full opening your profile makes it indexable).

If possible use facebook adds to get to your target deomgraphic.

Build your network, add people in your niche.

Add Relevant Apps to your profile (do this carefully).

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