Two Awesome SEO Plugins for WordPress

To start my latest 30 Day Challenge, ‘blog-a-day‘, I want to share with you my two favorite SEO Plugins for WordPress. These 2 plugins together make SEO really really easy for anyone using a WordPress website.

1. Yoast SEO for WordPress

seo plugin for wordpressYoast SEO has long been one of my favorite SEO Plugins, its simple and easy to use – with just a few minutes to setup, even if its importing settings from a previous SEO Plugin. We use Yoast SEO for WordPress on SEOAndy, and client sites such as TotalPost.

The Yoast SEO WP plugin has many features that just make life easier, a few examples are:

  • Automatically Generated XML Sitemaps
  • Social Media Tags Built-in
  • Search Engine Registration Tags Built-in
  • Input of Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Input of Social Media info (on each post)
  • Page Analysis for SEO

The plugin is FREE and will really help push your website in the right direction. If you’ve used a different SEO Plugin for WordPress, such as All-in-One SEO, Yoast SEO is the next step in making your website perform in search and social. It’s not quite zero-effort but is pretty damn close.

The Plugin is actively developed with new features arriving on a regular basis, but the simplicity in use remains.

Read More and Download Yoast Here.

2. Squirrly SEO Assistant for WordPress

squirrly seo for wordpressThe second plugin is one that I tried a while back and having recently tried it again I can assure you it is an SEO Plugin that will be remaining within my toolkit. Squirrly is developed by an awesome team, headed by Florin – the plugin helps you in lots of ways when writing a blog post / article. A few ways in which it can really help are:

  • Keyword Research
    Including search volume and trends
  • The SEO Live Assistant
    A colour coded area which informs you on how well you are optimising your chosen keyword.
  • Image Finder
    Ideal for helping you to find images, both for use and inspiration.
  • Social Media Discovery
    Built in twitter search to see what people are saying using your keyword.
  • Weekly SEO Audit
    A weekly review of how your site is doing and how to improve.

Squirrly works with other SEO plugins by design, this includes Yoast SEO.

Ultimately, Squirrly is built to help you optimise each and every article you write, I even advise going back through recent posts to optimise those too. Most sites will fit in the $19.99 USD pricing plan, you can even use it on multiple sites, it will always help you to optimise but the limitation is around number of keyword researches you can do, in this plan you get 100.

Not sure about paying for a plugin? No problem give Squirrly a try for free on your blog, its fairly limited but it will give you a great flavour of what you can achieve with this SEO Plugin for WordPress.

Discover More About Squirrly and Download it Here.

There are a bunch of other plugins that are designed to help you with you SEO efforts, but together these two will cover every base you have. Optimising with Squirrly and Yoast together will see your rankings and traffic increase, it’s also likely to help you grow your contact rate.

Whats your favourite SEO Plugin for WordPress? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook.