Redesign or Optimise – Which Suits You Best?

Over the past few weeks I’ve found that more and more people are asking for a full website redesign… When it is my belief they should actually be asking for their site to be fully SEO optimised, especially during this time of recession.
Now i’m not saying every case that a redesign isn’t what is required because sometimes it is, what I am saying is that you should cover all bases before considering a redesign. If you really think you may need a redesign then you may want to read a previous article i wrote.

Sometimes a better option than redesign is to Optimise Your Site. This yes involves SEO (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog), but more so it involves some fundamental changes to the site structure and climate. This means that you can adapt your current site to your current situation, at a much lower cost than a redesign. Ok I confess the tweaks to yoursite maybe in the design and templating you use… but its more so to do with optimising and speeding up your codebase, your images and most importantly your copy!

So make your content sell your products & services, make copy your salesman today!


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