Learning SEO – What I Recommend

By now you I am sure are sick of my continual ramblings, so to give you a break I want to recommend some books which I have read (and re-read a few times). Now I can’t swear that everything they say is up to date, of the minute, or even still relevant. However this is not why you are reading them.
By reading these books you will begin to understand the industry and how we think, you may see some interesting trends which help move your site to the next stage, or maybe you will just realise that SEO isn’t quite the walk in the park it once was.

Andy’s Top 5 SEO Books:

Get into Bed with Google – This is one of my most treasured books, its pretty easy stuff to understand.

Don’t Make Me Think! – Ok its a usability book, but get the experience right and you should have the SEO right.

Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP – there is also and ASP.NET
version of this book but as I’m a php developer this is the one that makes it to my shelf.

An Introduction to Search Engines and Web Navigation – Start from the beginning with this book, simple language in first few chapters leading to the jargon … it can be confusing if you flick to the end, so make sure you start from the beginning.

Finally, SEO Secrets – Ok this seems to be the next big boy, seriously appears to be worth its weight in gold. I’ve seen snippets from it and can’t wait for the full version next may … I advise you pre-order now.

Now none of the above are really that expensive and are well worth the few quid you will spend. I full advise you buy one or two of them if you are doing your own SEO or even SEO for a client’s website(s).

If you are a website owner you may prefer a book by our friends @boagworld, the Website Owner’s Manual I’ve read the pre-release ebook version and I can’t recommend this book enough. Paul Boag has done a fantastic job & When I can get my hands on the hard copy in a few weeks I will be sorting out a copy for each of my clients. I should add that this isn’t just for website owners it also has its place with designers and developers alike.

Want to recommend a book? Leave a Comment below with a like to the book on Amazon.

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